HELIX COLLECTIVE'S L.A. Live Score Film Festival

Original scores performed live to indie films

Past Winners

By on October 20, 2017

Congratulations to all our winning filmmakers and composers who have participated in the festival!

Best Picture
2023 – Last Chance Moms – filmmakers Sarah Chaney, Heather Olt, and Mandy Fabian

2022 -I Can’t Save You – filmmaker David Legel

2019 A Deep Breath – filmmakers Ion Legarda and Aliza Jafri
2018 Arrow and Oil – filmmakers Lanyue Zhang and Jingwei Zhou
2017 The Swan – filmmaker Tiffany Paulsen
2016 Cowboys in a Saloon – filmmaker Tom Law

Best Score
2023 – SILT – composer Nathalie Bonin

2022 – Madeleine – composer Brianna Rhodes

2019 A Deep Breath – composer Cali Wang
2018 Arrow and Oil – composer George Oldziey
2017 Sushi Man – composer Annie Rosevear
2016 Death Will Tremble, episode 6 – composer Paul Appelgren

Selected Films 2023

Crafted Image – Filmmaker – Nicole Wu, Composer – Silas Hite                                                                                                               

Future Fred – Filmmaker – Brent Katz, Composer – Annie Rosevear                                                                                                           

Gone Turbo – Filmmaker – Allison Volk, Composer – Logan Stahley                                                                                                       

Last Chance Moms –Filmmakers – Sarah Chaney, Heather Olt, Producers, Mandy Fabian Director, Composer – Logan Stahley        

A Mother’s Faith – Filmmaker – Marcus M. Alvarez, Composer – Ramesh Kumar Kannan                                                                       

The Promposal – Filmmaker – Traci Carter Holsey, Composer – Cora Chung                                                                                             

SILT – Filmmakers – Writer/Director: Emilie Upczak, Producer: John Otterbacher, Composer – Nathalie Bonin 

Selected Films 2022

The Bunny Museum – Aseil Bafarat, Director, Min He, Composer

DUD – Tedjo Imardjoko, Writer/Director, Riley Hughes, Composer

I Can’t Save You – David Legel, Writer/Director/Producer, Zong Chiang, Composer

Madeleine – Franco Lima, Writer/Director, Brianna Rhodes, Composer

Mr. Sandman Bring Me A Dream – Holly Johnson, Director, Cora Chung, Composer

The Rifter – Wyatt Daane, Writer/Director, Nicholas Bryant, Producer, Adam Dib, Composer

Selected Films 2019

A Deep Breath – Directors – Ion Legarda, Aliza Jafri, Composer – Cali Wang

Enigma – Director – Vaibhav Arora, Composer – Philip Timofeyev
HONEST – Director – Jonathan Samukange, Composer – Michael Paraskevas
Last One – Director – Carlo Tonda, Composers – Isabelle Engman & Gerardo Garcia Jr. 
Lillith – Director – Marco Martínez, Composer – Sergei Stern
Odd Job – Director – Meaghan Hellmers, Composer – Javier Colmen
SHHH! – Director – Devaughn Hooper, Composer – Lasse Elkjaer
Siblings – Director – Savannah Sivert, Composer – Alex Robert Heinrich
Together Forever – Director – Nirupam Dhakal, Composer – Jesper Ankarfeldt
Won’t You Be My Friend – Director – Vionna Lam, Composer – Logan Stahley

Selected Films 2018

Aphrodite – Director – Nicolas Varela, Composer – Drum & Lace
Arrow And Oil – Directors – Lanyue Zhang and Jingwei Zhou, Composer – George Oldziey
The Bag and the Bike – Director – David Haye, Composer – Marco Valerio Antonini
Bam Bam – Director – Logan McDonald, Composer – Erik Desiderio
Devil’s Hour – Director – Brandon Garman, Composer – Nathalie Bonin
Liminal – Director – Vicken Joulfayan, Composer – Shaun Chasin
Niara – Director – Victoria Gagieva, Composer – Steph Kowal
L’Ombre Amoureuse – Director – Glenn Morisse, Composer – Joy Ngiaw
The Pill  – Director – Oliver Weinmann, Composer – Jonathan Keith
There She Was  – Director – Yesmalem Yeshaw, Composer – Peter Lam

Selected Films 2017
Bicycle – filmmaker Naimah Hawsah, composer Jane Lin
Cafouillage – Filmmaker Tom Law, Composer Jordi Nus
How to Be – Filmmaker Allison Beda, Composer Phil Popham
I’m Ghana – Fatahiya’s story – filmmaker Francesca Perticarini, composer Jacques Brautbar
The Most Beautiful Woman – filmmaker Nani Li Yang, composer Benjamin Hoff
Reversed – filmmaker Alexandrina Andre, composer Emer Kinsella
Sushi Man – filmmaker Jessica Chung, composer Annie Rosevear
The Swan – filmmaker Tiffany Paulsen, composer Bronson Buskett
Trio (NYFA) – filmmaker Zesheng Gao, composer Wei-San Hsu
The Wanderer – filmmaker Patrick Mulderrig, composer Alexander Thomas

Selected Films 2016
Cowboys in a Saloon – filmmaker Tom Law, composer Emily Rice
Death Will Tremble, episode 6 – filmmaker Hassan Said, composer Paul Apelgren
An Experiment Ex Vivo – filmmaker Lee Peterkin, composer Soojoo Yoon
le gateau – filmmaker by Luis Valencia, composer Garren&Cohan
Michael and Nancy’s Everest – filmmaker Michael McDonough, composer Stefano Sacchi
Miranda – filmmaker Laura Taylor, composer Nicolas Repetto
Pato – filmmaker Tom Law, composer Luis Obregon
Save the Bees – filmmaker Mark Mos, composer Billy Sullivan
Snow Globe Los Angeles – filmmaker Colin Mika, composer Cem Oslu
Weed and Me – filmmaker Raj Jawa, composer Chad Cannon

Selected Films 2015
Bandit – filmmaker, McKenna Kast, composer Reuven Herman
Damaged Goods – filmmaker, Nathaniel Nuñez, Jonaral Martin, composer Gene Micofsky
Infamy – filmmaker, Hassan Said, composer Grant Fonda
Just a Minute – filmmaker, Allison Beda, composer Phil Popham
The Octo Circus – filmmaker, Ross H. Martin, composer Del Engen
The Shy Guys: At the Park, Fun Times with Strangers – filmmaker Raj Jawa, Kevin Cárdenas, composer Elliott Goldkind
These Dreams of You – filmmaker, Rochan Redelinghuys, composer Jack Gravina
Two Oranges and a Lemon – filmmaker, Allison Beda, Kristie Reeves, composer Phil Popham
Warehouse Shooter – filmmaker, Patrick Mulderrig, composer Jeremy Nathan Tisser
Zombie – filmmaker, Jae Hyeong Ko, composer Catherine Grealish

Selected Films 2014
Done – filmmaker, Ashley Vetere, Ernie Smith, composer Elliott Goldkind
Driving Thought – filmmaker Raj Jawa, composer, Phil Popham
H2O – composer by George N. Gianopoulos
Monroe – filmmaker, Gregory J.M. Kasunich, composer by Eugene Micofsky
Perfection at the Plate – filmmaker, Narendra Gala, composer Kevin Wilt
Suspended Ballet – filmmaker, Darwin Carlisle, composer Phil Popham