Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival

Original scores performed live to indie films

7th Annual Festival

By on November 29, 2016

The 7th annual Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival is presented by Helix Collective.

The festival is scheduled for September 10, 2022.  Tickets will be available in August 2022.

Our Signature Sponsors for this year’s Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival are Orange Tree Samples , the LA Film School and Sonic Fuel Studios.

Selected film composers are paired with a winning filmmaker to create an original score for the festival. The film is screened with the score performed live by the renowned performance and recording ensemble, Helix Collective. The screening includes an interview with the filmmakers and composers. The audience votes for Best Picture and Best Musical Score and the awards are presented at the close of the festival.

Selected Festival Films

The Bunny Museum – Aseil Bafarat, Director, Min He, Composer

The Bunny Museum is a short documentary that explores how a love notion turned into the world’s largest display of bunny items.

DUD – Tedjo Imardjoko, Writer/Director, Riley Hughes, Composer

To cope with the tragic loss of his brother, a compulsive writer attempts to create the perfect hero for his book only to learn perfection is simply unattainable. 

I Can’t Save You – David Legel, Writer/Director/Producer, Zong Chiang, Composer

A woman attempting to escape her traumatic past is confronted by a series of memories that unfold, forcing her to confront her deepest regrets.  

Madeleine – Franco Lima, Writer/Director, Brianna Rhodes, Composer

When Madeleine, a young woman with a troubled past, goes back to her old family’s house to find an object dear to her, she finds herself being haunted by dark forces, hellbent on destroying her sanity.

Mr. Sandman Bring Me A Dream – Holly Johnson, Director, Cora Chung, Composer

Tom gets much more than he bargained for when he takes an interest in the girl next door, Susie.  

The Rifter – Wyatt Daane, Writer/Director, Nicholas Bryant, Producer, Adam Dib, Composer

A dark, yet extraordinary past pursues a seclusive ex-cop as he struggles to protect his young neighbor.


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About Helix Collective

Helix Collective founded and produces the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival.

Helix Collective are classical musicians busting out of the traditional mold. From crossover dance music, to storytelling, to film, television, and video game music, the Los Angeles-based ensemble takes the best of classical chamber music and makes it the life of the party.

Variety Magazine praised Helix Collective’s musical range moving from “moody urgency and edgy chamber-music sound” to the “sweetly romantic evoking wide-open spaces.”

Helix “has a little something for everyone: those who like their classics straight up, with a contemporary edge to it, or with populist appeal.” Called “dizzyingly virtuosic with exquisite musicianship and world-class range” by The Free Times and praised for “beyond-the-ordinary programming.”

Like the double helix, the ensemble is rearrangeable, flexible, and fuses the DNA of classical music into worlds where it’s never gone before.